Not Just for the Artistically Gifted!

If you think creative writing is for some especially talented people or the artistically gifted, think again! The ability, indeed the need, to be creative when we write is something that is woven into our every day lives whether its a letter to a friend or an application for a job!

On this page we are collaborating with talented local writers and other companies to try and help you develop your abilities to write confidently and creatively. Every month we will bring you updates on ways in which you can develop your skills and enjoy the whole process of writing.

We will send monthly updates to your directly informing you of the new information and opportunities. We will also dedicate a whole section to CV writing and job applications, bringing monthly tips to help your writing skills.

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Monthly Feature – Writing for your Future

At this difficult post-pandemic time, we know that getting back into the employment groove is very difficult, so we have partnered with global job search specialists Jooble to give you some great help in creating an effective CV.

Jooble is a dynamic job search engine providing UK wide and global job vacancies. We are starting with this feature and will bring further CV writing tips along with more creative writing features in the coming months.

A spotless CV is a key to getting an invitation to a job interview. Such CV should be outstanding but remains structurally correct. Let’s see how to keep this balance in your CV and how to make your resume up-to-date so it would draw an employer’s attention.

  1. First of all, make your CV personalized and distinguishable from others. It becomes commonplace to copy standard characteristics from the web or the vacancies themselves. Some HR workers create standard patterns and use machine learning to find a candidate. Though it results in churned out CVs, where everyone is conscientious, communicative, has an analytical mind and so on. In order not to make such a mistake, study yourself, find your peculiar qualities, what you excel at and that will they will single you out.
  2. So, the idea is to stand out. You can easily do it with online tools, which are at our disposal nowadays. Try new resume formats. For example, you can explore colourful and stylish CV formats in Canva. Do you want to make your CV unforgettable and more personal? VCV can help you create a video resume. However, do not forget about the basic structure and mentioning key points. Such websites as JOOBLE, HH, can help you create a correct resume and find a suitable job6 there are more than 960 000 vacancies on Jooble, remote work vacancies, which are rapidly increasing this year, are among them.

Writing your Future!

3. Stay up-to-date and adapt. Show an employer that you are responsive to modern changes. The thing is, due to corona and subsequent economic turndown companies faced an ultimate challenge and had to adjust to a new environment or disappear. Companies had to explore e-commerce, the online market, for instance. Now they require the same adaptability from their staff. In addition to that, the labour market is transforming and many professions will not exist in the next few years, so today we should be ready for all kinds of challenges, including maybe changing the present profession in the future.

4. Is higher education the only way to acquire a good job? The answer in 2021 is that if you know the basics, it does not matter what is your education. The latest boom in online education has shown that online learning is developing, some educational platforms collaborate with universities and provide courses, which includes both necessary theory and practice, as well as crucial skills, required by today’s labour market. All this results in more and more companies hiring employees without higher education, but who have proved to have relevant knowledge.

To sum up, the best advice for 2021 stands in the following: adapt and try new things. If you want your CV to answer the modern job trends, make sure you possess such relevant qualities as adaptability, that you use new powerful tools and can adjust to anything, and learnability, readiness to take up additional courses, if required. And do not shy your certificates of online courses, if you are competent indeed.

Other Guidance

Job application email format – keep this simple, use your CV to best effect, keep detail for there, use the email to pick out the important things and demonstrate how you fit.

How many job applications per day? – There is no magic figure, but you have to remember that employers are seeing a lot of applications, so you need to search for as many relevant opportunities as possible and get writing!