Can Paper Ever be Replaced?

Let us say now, Digital Writing is here to stay…… but it can be so much better! Our new generation of products allow you to have all the ease and flexibility of writing on paper, but seamlessly interfaced with the digital world in a way that even the most technophobe of us finds easy!

Forget all that awkward writing and drawing on touch screens, you know that pen on paper is and always will be the best way to put your thoughts into shapes. But now, it goes straight to your mobile phone and can be sent within a second or so of writing what you need down! Better than that, our new range remembers every page you have worked on and even knows when you skip a few pages. It really is absolutely the ‘best of all worlds’.

We have featured our newest member of the Digital Writing Stable, the Lamy Safari ncode, take a look, but we warn you, you will want to see it for yourself. Which we can arrange for you.

Lamy Safari ncode

Click on the image left to see a video demonstration of this amazing example of traditional and modern working in unison.

We tried this pen personally and found it to be the most intuitive product we have ever come across. Bearing in mind we always prefer the traditional feel of working on paper, we were sceptical…….. but then we tried it.  Oh my goodness!

This pen works seamlessly with your phone to create immediately editable and transmittable version of everything you write. No horrible digitizing, no tearing your hair out trying to write on a tablet. Just all the ease of writing with pen on paper and all the abilities that the digital world brings… in one single product!


So many ways to get this great product.

The recommended price is £149.00, you can get here for a great introductory price of £129.00!

You can buy it online from us with ‘Paypal Later’ with £129 payable over 4 months, interest free.

Not sure you need it permanently or want to try it for a few months? Lease it from us with a returnable deposit and £10 per month. *

Have you got a field service team? This could revolutionise the way you work and we provide excellent terms for businesses.

For all leasing and business queries contact [email protected]

*Leasing and business arrangements are subject to fair usage and product condition upon return. Other terms and conditions apply.