Gifts from a Modern Day Apothecary

The Alchemist’s Satchel is a place where herbs, oils and potions meet the everyday and ordinary.
They harness what already readily exists around us and bring it to you, with a personal touch. Every box is a gift – whether to you or someone else – it is always packed so it feels truly special to open.
They take great care in this, because a treat should be a memorable experience.

These wonderful gifts are a perfect quality complement to our gift building service, making sure that you give gifts with style, class and care.

Their blends are modern twists of grandma’s recipes, made with sustainable, kind to nature (and skin!) ingredients. They pull on knowledge passed from generations in mine, and probably your family, too. Every blend is our own, yet inspired by existing herbology and aromatherapy recipes.

All their products are handmade, and often made to order. Their decorative flowers are grown and dried in Cornwall, by Bells’ grandmother. Therefore, like a few other aesthetic details, candle decorations may vary depending on the season and harvest.

Being holistic about wellbeing, for us, means taking every step into account. This means making sure that what looks after you and your wellbeing also looks after the earth and our future. It means being kind to you, and everyone (including the bees!) Their commitment is not simply being vegan, or eco packaged, it’s thinking about carbon footprint and the location of their suppliers, efficient labelling, and waste management.

A Personal and Beautiful Gift

We feature The Alchemist’s Satchel on ‘The Gift Builder’ section of our website where you can choose from a wide range of gifts, wrapping and cards.

The Alchemist’s Satchell provides a wonderful gift for those you love and want to give a very personal and special gift to. Each of the products are packed in a lovely box, we then wrap the present for you in one of our gorgeous selections of luxurious wrapping paper. We can’t believe that there is a better alternative to gifting available anywhere.

We also hand write your message into the cards of your choice, so much better than a printed message, we feel.

Take a stroll through ‘The Gift Builder’ section and see the wide range of gifts we offer.


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