A bit about Wil

Wil is a local (East Sussex) , self taught and gifted artisan who loves to share the skills he has learned to help others deal with the challenges of depression and other neurological disorders. Having developed his skills over the years, Wil has now started a fantastic live video feed which shares some amazing ideas and skills with whoever wants to take time out to watch.

Wil’s crafting interests are wide and varied and they include Paper Craft, Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing, Drawing, Colouring and painting. He combines these beautifully in his online ‘socials’ where he does video demonstrations.

Wil’s home life is varied too, with nature, plants and cooking being his choice for daily activities. Having started crafting at the age of 10, when he got his first ‘Knitting Nancy’. Wil is incredibly active at home too, looking after rescued battery hens in his garden is just one of the things he gets up to!

Recently Wil has been sponsored by ‘Simply Plant’ to include their products within his demonstrations to provide a practical and honest review.

Wil says “I love sharing my crafting skills online, it is a mental and neurological journey for me too”.

One of the things that strikes us about this lovely county of Sussex is just how enriched people’s lives are by the environment and crafting and Wil is no exception!

Amazingly Wil has learned many of his skills from magazines and YouTube so it is appropriate that he is choosing to share them on YouTube too!

We will be sharing a lot of Wil’s work on our website so come back here to keep up to date with what he is doing!

There are many ways you can follow Wil; –

Wil has over a hundred fantastic online videos that take you through creating some amazing things, click on the YouTube link above to take a look at them.

Wil is also joining us in the ‘Inktober’ initiative so keep checking to see what he is doing and don’t forget, if you are joining in use the #inktober hashtag so people can find you work.

Check out his ‘Days of CraftMas’ videos too. After 2 years without any celebrating, we have a feeling Christmas will be a little bit special this year! So we’re going to be as traditional as possible too, watch out for our Christmas pages.