Bringing You Closer

If you are in our lovely shop, you will often meet and chat to the very artists that supply us. So we thought ‘why not make that possible on our website too?’

Often, ‘how to find a local artist’ is a question that is raised… the answer is keep coming here!

We are adding a page of reach artist that directly supplies us so that it brings you closer to them and gives you an insight into their art. So instead of searching ‘local artists near me’, just give us an occasional visit and you will get more information about each of them.

Many local artists paintings are made into ‘local artists prints’ and greetings cards and we aim to bring them to you, but obviously we also aim to bring the style that our customers like, so keep visiting and let us know.

We will be adding their original work to our Gift Builder service too, so you can send them as gifts to friends and loved ones.

Just go to our drop down menu and select the artist you want to know more about. We are always adding to the list.


We’re always looking for new Artists and Artisans

We can’t always accommodate all local artists work in our shop, but we can feature and sell their work here on our website. So we are always willing to talk to new and aspiring artists and see if there is a way we can help them along the way.

If you know of a promising artist or your think your style may be something that complements out products, then feel free to contact the owner directly at [email protected].

We are lucky to live in a very Bohemian and artistic city, so we know that artists are always creating new things and the people of Brighton are always looking for new and beautiful things. So we want to create a page site where everyone can wander through things as if they were at a lovely Art Market.

So whether it is a contemporary artist such as the lovely and talented Lisa Holdcroft, an iconic Sussex artist from the past such as Eric Ravilious or someone you met a local art show, we want to work with them.

It’s Not Just Brighton!

We are keen to provide this platform for artists and artisans across the country!

We believe every artist and craftsman deserves a platform where they can properly show their creations and chat with you.

So over the coming months we will be looking for recommendations and nominations for great local artists that are near to you. Wherever we can we will add them to our portfolio and feature them on their own web page here.

We hops that, one day, we will be displaying and selling their work in your area from our new shops, all of which will be designed to be part of your community, as much as we are here in Brighton.

Something we also believe is that art includes music! So, even though we are a stationery shop, we are happy to add people’s musical products to our ‘Gift Builder’ service where people can choose the gift, wrapping and card and have it all wrapped and handwritten, then delivered to whoever you want.