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Cambridge Imprint new designs from Sussex

Saturday, 19 October 2019  |  Admin

Just arrived - these exciting new designs from Cambridge Imprint with a distinct Sussex heritage.
Based on patterns from Ditchling Museum’s St Dominic’s Press archive, “Hound” and “Leaf” utilise black and red on a white background to striking effect.

St Dominic’s Press was part of the Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic, an artist’s colony espousing principles of
communal life and self-sufficiency which was established in the Sussex village of Ditchling in 1921 by Eric Gill,
Hilary Pepler and Desmond Chute.

About the the hound motif..
The iconography of St Dominic always includes a dog, and Dominican friars are known as the dogs of the Lord.

Cambridge imprint paper

We have another new design - inspired by the glorious colour and painterly exuberance of the Charleston farmhouse interiors, “Charleston Stripe”, “Charleston Scumble” and “Charleston Roundel” celebrate the vital spirit of the Post-Impressionist Movement.

Available in a variety of forms, from wrapping paper to hardback and softcover books, our favourite has to be the gatefold greetings card based on Vanessa Bell’s Omega Workshop wardrobe…

Cambridge imprint paper

#Timeto wrap and play

Cambridge imprint paper


Useful Links to Inspire you:

Why not have a go at making a five pointed star with the "How to" videos on Cambridge Imprints website. Omega workshop

The Omega Workshops Ltd. was a design enterprise founded by members of the Bloomsbury Group.