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Five new inks from Herbin

Friday, 28 September 2018  |  Admin

The Herbin range of coloured inks is one of the most extensive available and has now been updated with five new colours. Taking inspiration from the oceans of the world, precious jewels and metals, they are:

Tropical coral (corail des Tropiques), a salmon pink

Garnet red (rouge grenat), a dark red reminiscent of the jewel

Cove blue (bleu calanque), a vibrant Mediterranean blue just like you see on postcards 

Deep blue (bleu des profondeurs), a deep dark ocean blue

Verdigris (vert de gris), the bluish-grey colour you see on copper as it ages

The square 30ml bottles, with their distinctive pen rest incorporated, are available both on our website and in our shop. We've also got the smaller taster bottles, holding 10ml of ink, in our shop. We're looking forward to receiving the cartridge versions very soon.

Herbie fountain pen inks colour chart