Lamy greens and turquoise

Tuesday, 12 April 2016  |  Admin

Lamy's nexx range of fountain pens have proved a popular alternative to their famous safari pens for a couple of years. For roughly the same money you get an aluminium barrel instead of a plastic one, and a non-slip grip. The nexx pens come with a range of strongly-coloured matt plastic caps, with the clips moulded from the same material. If you want a slightly more grown-up appearance, for a little more money, you can have a metal clip on your cap in two colourways, anthracite black or opal green. Amongst ourselves at Pen to Paper, we've always referred to the opal green as turquoise but we've stayed true to Lamy's description on our website.

The opal green colour has proved particularly popular so we weren't surprised when Lamy brought out the exact self-same colour in the version with the plastic moulded clip. But we were taken aback at their choice of name - smaragd. It's an obscure English word meaning emerald or emerald green. It's in my Scrabble dictionary but not in my ordinary dictionary. We're still calling this colour turquoise in the shop but we've bitten the bullet and stuck with Lamy's smaragd for the web shop. Even as I type, predictive text is assuring me I mean 'smeared' rather than 'smaragd' which will not do at all.

Opal green, emerald green, smaragd or turquoise - they're all one to us as long as we remember to specify metal clip or plastic clip. But if you think this colour is for you, then remember we also stock Lamy's true turquoise ink in bottle and in cartridge form.